Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Media Release - Smart Start Meals


Contact: Ken Scott
Phone: 250-869-7678

It’s not too early to plan dinner for this winter!

Summer still has some sizzle left in it, but it’s not too soon to start planning for a winter on the slopes. After a great day in the snow and the sun, the last thing you want to think about is “what’s for dinner.”

That’s where Smart Start Meals comes in. They are one of the exhibitors at the “Show & Swap" on September eighth and ninth at the Kelowna Curling Club. The event is in support of the Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP), a non-profit organization. The CSP volunteers are mostly Alpine skiers, boarders and Nordic skiers from every age group and every walk of life. They provide volunteer first-aid services at many non skiing events through out the summer and work closely with all season resorts in providing year round services like mountain bike patrols.

Ken Scott of Smart Start Meals is excited about being there this year. “Susanne and I are avid skiers and realize the importance of supporting the Canadian Ski Patrol to ensure the safety of all on the slopes,” he says. “We are participating at the swap to show our support. We'll be giving out samples of our dinners to people at the show, and holding a draw for a dinner package featuring six dinners from our fall or winter menu.”

Ken and Susanne officially opened Smart Start Meals in January of this year, providing busy Okanganers with nutritious, delicious, ready to cook dinners for their busiest days or special occasions. They have a wide and varied menu to choose from and all food is prepared to maintain the highest levels of nutrition.

They believe their participation in the ski swap is a perfect match. “It lends itself towards a more stress free ski vacation,” explains Ken. “Instead of having to go on a huge shopping trip prior to heading up the mountain for a weekend, you get your dinner packages delivered by us – before your trip or up at the mountain.” We provide incredible ready-to-cook dinners that can be made in a fraction of the time normally required for a full dinner - giving the vacationer more time to relax and enjoy their chalet or cabin.”

For more information on Smart Start Meals please contact Ken or Susanne at 250-869-7678 or visit them on the web at


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Event! Weekend - Smart Start Meals - Restaurant of the Week

Restaurant of the Week - Smart Start Meals

The Chefs: Ken and Susanne Scott

What Smart Start is all about:

Smart Start Meals provides delicious, ready-to-cook dinner packages for busy people and families. They design and create a fantastic variety of selections and meal plans to give customers a convenient, easy way to enjoy delicious, healthy meals at home.

All dinners are made with the freshest ingredients possible, using only healthy oils, no trans-fats or MSG. Using a simple web or phone based order process, customers select from 12-18 different dinners (western, ethnic, vegetarian, and organic), pick and available delivery time, and have up to 12 full-size or 18 half-size dinners delivered to their door - available for the busiest nights of their week!

Specialties this month:

Moroccan Chicken
Cuban Goulash
Herb-Balsamic Roast Chicken
Ginger Cashew Stir-Fry
Chili-Honey Beef Fajitas
Malaysian Satay with Quinoa

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Contact:, or call 250-869-7678