Friday, November 23, 2007

Homes for the Holidays - Smart Start Meals

The Rotary Centre for the Arts is pleased to announce that this year's Homes for the Holidays event raised $42,432 in support of Community Programming at the RCA. We would like to thank all of the generous supporters and sponsors who made this year's event such a success.
The 8th Annual Homes for the Holidays dazzled all who attended. Individuals touring the homes had the opportunity to visit some of Kelowna's most beautiful and unique homes, each brought to life for the holiday season by some of Kelowna's most talented interior decorators.
The event showcased some of the city's finest talent in entertainment and design. Each location was adorned with in its own unique décor. Highlights of the tour included the striking Cannery Lofts Penthouse with its modern black & white theme. Guests were also intrigued by the décor found within the Woodland Hills home which featured a majestic chandelier created from delicate white boughs, small lighted accents tucked away in each corner and a gentleman's garage stocked with Harley Davidson motorcycles and accessories.
For those searching for a more traditional holiday atmosphere, the Hedeman Court home tucked away in the Kettle Valley showcased warm hues, sinks filled with velvety rose petals and the entire home adorned with fresh greenery. Similar to this style, Lindsay and Steve Fenwick's home on Kloppenburg Road greeted guests with its warm glow and classy feel. Inside, the décor featured greenery, with a multitude of boughs and berries adorning the kitchen, living area and bedrooms. Lights bundled in jars illuminated rooms, accenting the deep brown and red hues of the home.
Both the Benvoulin Church and Anne Dyck's charming home on KLO Road offered something new and delightful to the tour. The charismatic church featured simplistic décor with fresh greenery intertwined with lighting accenting the time worn pews and vaulted arches. The church common was transformed into several room-scapes surrounding a magnificent Christmas tree.
Tasty aromas filled the rooms as organic bite-sized treats were served on-site courtesy of Smart Start Meals.
Romance filled the air throughout Anne Dyck's precious dream home. The décor was charming, with the kitchen featuring homemade gingerbread and traditional holiday wreaths. Each room captured the essence of the holiday season, recapturing the true romance of Anne and her late husband.
The Rotary Centre for the Arts would like to thank Kelowna Mountain for their title sponsorship of this year's Homes for the Holidays event. In addition to the generous contribution made by Kelowna Mountain, the RCA would like to acknowledge all of the amazing businesses and individuals who helped create such a magical event.