Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Smart Start Meals - 2nd Year Anniversary!

Media Release

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Contact: Ken Scott Date: February 2, 2009
Email: ken@smartstartmeals.ca Phone: 250-869-7678/1-877-286-3257

Save money, and enjoy great food and convenience - Can it be true?

The economic downturn has certainly affected most of us. Not so to one smart company whose clients are money, time and health savvy.

Smart Start Meals has just celebrated its second year anniversary and co-owner Ken Scott continues to be busy. “We help people eat better, and they save time and money,” says Scott. “Many of our regular clients tell us that Smart Start Meals saves them up to $200 per month. When you factor in less gas for driving to pick up groceries, less impulse buys and less waste, it really is a smart way to go.”

There’s also the time factor. Scott explains. “Our clients save not only money, but also time in driving to get groceries – because ordering from us is so simple and we deliver to their door. There’s also the preparation aspect. Since the food is ready to cook, preparation is quick and easy. There’s also minimal cleanup giving clients more time to themselves and their families.”

At first it might seem that having someone prepare your meals, package them into the size you need and deliver them to your door would be cost prohibitive. Not so says Scott. “We have excellent relationships with our suppliers, and get great pricing on quality foods, which in turn is passed on to our clients. Depending on the dinner “package” chosen, a typical Smart Start Meals dinner for 4 costs around $24.90. That’s only $6.25 per person – delivered to your door.”

It’s a price that is hard to beat, especially when you consider that Smart Start Meals now uses natural meats and adds no preservatives to any meals.

They also provide vegetarian meals and custom meals such as gluten free, lactose free , etc., on request.

Smart Start started as a way to help people eat better with convenience, ease and variety. They have evolved their offerings and can prepare meals for 2, 4 or six servings. They also expanded to include breakfast, lunch, appetizers and side dishes.

“Our client’s now include everyone from busy families, professionals, vacationers at Big White to seniors or people recovering from surgery and new moms,” says Scott. “We help people get balanced nutrition while they spend time on their family, careers and hobbies.”

An added bonus is you can even send delicious meals or gift certificates to friends, family or business colleagues. The service is available from (Oyama to Summerland, Big White, and all points in between). For more information e-mail info@smartstartmeals.ca or call 250-869-7678. Visit http://www.smartstartmeals.ca/