Sunday, February 3, 2008

Castanet - Smart Start Meals for food banks

Smart meals for food banks
by Rachael Kimola - Story: 37048Feb 3, 2008 / 3:00 pm

A local business has decided to help out local food banks.

Smart Start Meals has decided to match every client’s meal purchase with the donation of an equivalent sized meal to the nearest food bank.

Ken Scott of Smart Start Meals says the dinner packages will go to the Kelowna Community Food Bank, Westside Community Food Bank, and Lake Country Food Assistance Society. “Most of us don’t know how far reaching our donations can go. These food banks do more than just hand out food to people who come to their door. For example, dinners donated to the Kelowna Community food bank may be transported by them to Kelowna's Gospel Mission, who in turn prepare dinners for up to 170 people,” says Scott.

He says each location has a freezer and cold storage space, and they all have outreach programs to people who will benefit from ready-to-cook dinners.

"What we do gives us a perfect opportunity to help the food banks and the programs they provide. We believe our clientèle will fully support this program." Scott says Smart Start Meals puts together ready-to-cook, pre-ordered meal packages and delivers them to clients throughout the Okanagan.

“For every dinner package their clients order in the month of February, whether an existing client – or a new one – Smart Start will donate a similar meal, pre-packaged, frozen and ready to be used by the food banks however they see fit.”

Scott says that clients can specify which food bank their “twin” meal should go to, or just leave it to Smart Start Meals and the dinner will go to the food bank nearest to the client.
Smart Start Meals website