Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Media Release - Smart Start Meals

CONTACT: Ken Scott DATE: January 16, 2008
PHONE: 250-869-7678 EMAIL:


Kelowna based company “Smart Start Meals" has just celebrated their first year in business in the Okanagan!

Smart Start Meals is the brain child of the Ken and Susanne Scott, who decided there was a market for “delicious, ready to cook dinner packages delivered to your door.” It appears they were right as they now have clients throughout the Okanagan from Summerland and up to Salmon Arm.

Clients love the ease of having full meals delivered to them, with their only task being to pop them in the oven. Some spend 75% less time grocery shopping than they did before. They also enjoy cooking again, and who wouldn’t if all you have to do is take your nutritious, preassembled ready to cook meal from the freezer to the oven.

Smart Start Meals is a “born in Kelowna” based company that creates a variety of dinners and dinner packages to suite the customer’s needs. Clients spend 5-10 minutes on the website, select enough dinners for a week or two or even a month, then place their order. A few days later the meals are brought directly to their door. Customers can also order by phone. The primary focus is Dinners, but the service is expanding to include breakfast, desserts, and soon appetizers!

A year ago the Scott’s were working out of rental kitchen space in downtown Kelowna. Now they have a brand new, state-of-the art kitchen any Food Network chef would be proud of. The kitchen was designed by the Scott’s to suit their business needs, and as the kitchen is in a separate building on the same property as their home, they get to stay close to their family.

Apart from celebrating their first year in business AND their new kitchen, they are also celebrating their contract up at Big White Ski Resort. A UK based company that teaches skiing and snowboard instructor courses orders one to two times per week, every week. The Scott’s get to work preparing the meals for over 30 people and then delivers the meals up to the accommodations at the ski hill.

“Its great to be recognized by an overseas business that is operating here in Canada,” says Scott. “Our service also provides the perfect way to make dinner time easier after an exhilarating day on the slopes. Just go online, or call us, and order what you want. We do all the advance preparation, package the dinners, and bring them up for you to use when you need it. Cooking doesn’t get much easier than that.”

Scott is hoping to expand his clientele up at Big White and at all the ski resorts in the area. “It just makes sense when you are on a holiday to not have to cook, and not everyone wants to eat in restaurants all the time, especially if you are staying in a condo or chalet with kids and have a beautiful kitchen to use” says Scott.

The majority of Smart Start Meals clients are double income families with kids, or couples who realize that meal time is important but not at the expense of running themselves ragged. “These people are also tired of restaurant eating and fast foods on a regular basis”. “This way the family still gets a home cooked meal, and it’s ready in a short period of time with no prep work,” says Scott. “Family meal time is important, but you can only eat so much take out food when you’re a busy family.”

For more information on Smart Start Meals go to or call 869-7678